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Email from President, Carmen Johnson: Game Sheets Update 12-14-2021

We are a full month into fully using GameSheets and it appears that most things are going fairly smoothly. I think everyone agrees that the actual scoring of a game is super easy, but there are still some hiccups with the before and after :-) 


We discovered some issues today with FPPs. I have gone through every district game that has been played to this point and made corrections. If there was an error with a game involving your team you should have received an email. 


I thought that I would send info out to everyone so that we all hear the same information rather than getting a ton of individual emails about the changes. 

1) Gamesheets can only calculate penalty minutes in number form. So the options for penalty lengths for DISTRICT games have been changed to only 1.5, 2, 5 or 10. The MP, GM, PS have been removed. PLEASE warn your parent score keepers of this change so they do not panic when they go to score the next game. For a game misconduct penalty, they should put 10 minutes in the penalty length and then find the Game Misconduct option in the penalty descriptions. This will help with calculating FPP correctly. 

2) For PeeWee/12U and lower, we are using 1:30 penalties instead of 2:00 penalties. Therefore, the number of minutes allowed per level has been adjusted to the amounts below per level. 

  • If your minor penalty length is 1.5 minutes, below are the appropriate Max PIM values:
    • SQ - 7.5 minutes
    • 10U - 6 minutes
    • PW - 9 minutes
    • 12U - 7.5 minutes

3) PLEASE take a look at your score sheets at the end of each game and notify me right away if there is an error with your FPP. I would really like to not have to go back through all games at the end of the season :-) 

4) You can view your district standing and how many FPPs you have received on the District website in the GameSheets Widget, please refer to these standings ONLY.

Please note: we do not use Standings for District tournaments, this is a non seeded tournament. Tournament Games are created through random draw.


On another note, at the end of each weekend I look through the scheduled games vs completed games on our district account. We are still running into duplicate games OR non posted games. Then I have to email each team to figure out why we are missing those games. A couple things to do to help with this situation. 

1) Don't leave the rink without receiving an email scoresheet. If you don't get an email and you know they used Gamesheets, then the game probably didn't get posted correctly. PLEASE check your phones before you leave the rink so we don't have to chase the scoresheet down. 

2) Please make sure you use the scheduled game and not create a new one if there is already one there!! Check first for a pre scheduled event, then, if there isn't one there, you can create a new one. 

3) I realize that we live in MN :-) there are games that will get changed, just shoot me an email so I can make the changes in gamesheets as well! There is no way for me to track any changes on our district site, so I will need an email stating the changes as well as you making the change on the district website. 

4) If you are not receiving emails, you probably don't have your invitation codes set up correctly. Please note, you need to have invitation codes put in for District Games, Non District Games and EACH Tournament that you attend. If you are missing tournament score sheets you need to reach out to the tournament director to get the invitation code for your team for that tournament. 


Things seem to be running smoothly. I am here to help when needed. I would, however, appreciate it if you would check the District 15 website first to see if you can find the answer first. It is frustrating to get questions that are clearly stated on the website.

GameSheets app can be loaded onto any ipad. The instructions on how to do this are:

  1. If you're on an iPad running iOS 12 or newer, open the Safari app and enter the following URL:
    If you're on an older iPad running iOS 9, 10, or 11 open the Safari app and go to

  2. A window will open asking you to install. Say "yes" or "install" to the prompts and then click the home button.

  3. The app will install on your home screen. Look for this icon:

  4. If you are installing for the first time, you will need to “trust” GameSheet Inc. as an Apple Enterprise developer. To do this open the Settings app on the iPad: and navigate to:  Settings → General→ Device Management → GameSheet Inc → Trust

  5. GameSheet should now be installed. Tap the icon to open the app and sign in using your League's iPad Access Key. :    ipad-mnd15rbdasf

** We have created 4 simple videos below to help everyone learn how to use the new GameSheets app. Please go to the District 15 GameSheets to view the videos BEFORE you have to use the app. This can also be found by going to the District 15 website and Selecting the  “Team Managers” tab and selecting  “GAME SHEETS” 





Scroll to the bottom of this page for links on more information to using Game Sheets.

Video 1 of 4 - Loading Games

VIDEO 1 OF 4- How to Add/ Load a Game in Game Sheets

  1. Open Game Sheets app on iPad
  2. Select New Game: 

    District Games select “Load from Schedule”
    1. Non-District Games select “Load from Scratch”

      Fill in ALL the fields:
      1. NOTE:  If you create several days before the game, you would choose “Load from Schedule” when you are ready to load the game.

      2. Click “Create the game”

      3. Start time: choose the time

      4. Game Date: choose the dates for the game

      5. Home Team: Select the team

      6. Home Team Division:  Choose the Division for the Home Team

      7. Visitor Team:  Select the team

      8. Visitor Division:  Choose the Division for the visiting team

      9. Season: 

        1. Choose:  MN District 15- 2021-2022 for all District Games

        2. Choose: MN Hockey Districts Exhibition Season 2021-2022 for all NON-District Games or Tournament.

  3. ​​​​​​​Click on Game you want to load
    1. Must have internet access to load a game
    2. Load games as close to game time as possible

Video 2 of 4 - Before Game Starts

What to do Before the Game Starts

  1. Once game is loaded, click “GAME DETAILS” on the left side of the screen

    1. Touch “Game Type” and choose Regular Season (for district games) or Exhibition (for all non-District games)-  touch “Save”

    2. Touch Start Time- the select the time starts- touch “Save”

    3. Touch Location- add the arena

    4. Specify if Zamboni flood will be will be between 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd periods by touching the little button.  

    5. Pick Period Lengths for all 3 Periods (below is the required times for District games):  

      1. ALL Squirt and 10U games are 15- minute periods with 1 min 30 second penalties with 5- minute majors.

      2. 12U and PeeWee games are 15- minute periods with 1 minute 30 second penalties with 5- minute majors.

      3. All Bantam and 15U games are 17-minute periods with 2-minute penalties and 5- minute majors

  2. Touch “VISITOR ROSTER” on the left side of screen

    1. Ask visiting team coach to verify his team roster is correct

      1. If a player is sitting out, suspended, or injured- touch “Playing” on the right side of the screen for that player and select the reason they are not playing in this game.

      2. If a player is wearing a different jersey number, touch the number next to the player and then type in the new number for this game. Choose if the change should be “saved to the roster” or “No, save for this game only”.

      3. If the goalie is not noted for the player, touch the position for that player and select goalie.  Then above the list of players, touch”Select” and then select which goalie is starting the game.

      4. The coach needs to touch the Signature by his name and sign on the screen.  

  3. Touch “HOME ROSTER” on the left side of the screen.

    1. Follow all directions for Visitor Roster above

Video 3 of 4 - Scoring Game

Video 3 of 4- What to do During the Game- scoring, stats

  1. Scoring Mode:  Choose Live Scoring Mode if your arena has wi-fi available or Choose Offline Scoring Mode if your arena does not have Wi-fi.

  2. Once game starts you must tracks shots on goal

    1. Select Period at the top of the screen, be sure to select Period 2 when the 2nd period starts, etc.

    2. Bottom of the screen you will see a + or - under each period for each team.  When there is a shot on goal, click the + under the correct team.  If you make a mistake and need to remove that shot, click the -

    3. Add a Goal:  When a team scores, choose “Add Goal” under the correct team

      1. Enter the time of the goal from the scoreboard

      2. Then choose the player that scored, and the assists.  If there isn’t an assist, choose no assist.

      3. Make sure you add a shot on goal on the bottom for that shot as well.

      4. Then click on the megaphone icon and it tells you exactly what your announcer should say.  You will see it calculates the correct time for the goal as well.

    4. Add a Penalty:  When a team gets a penalty, click the “Add Penalty” under the correct team

      1. Enter the time of the penalty from the scoreboard

      2. Choose the duration:

        1. Reference:  GM- Game Misconduct

          1. MP- Match Penalty

          2. PS- Penalty Shot

          3. AG- Automatic Goal (rarely used in youth hockey)

      3. Choose the penalty my scrolling down the list or start typing the penalty and it will populate for you to choose

      4. Choose the Player receiving the penalty

      5. The megaphone icon will tell you what to announce

      6. ON TIME:  you must enter the time a player leaves the penalty box, either if a power play goal is scored or if time expires.

      7. 2 min penalty/ 10 minute penalty- you must add 2 penalties.  

    5. MISTAKES:  If you make a mistake entering information such as a goal for the wrong team or wrong penalty, etc.  Swipe to the left over that mistake and choose “Delete”.  Then enter the correct information.

    6. Goalie Change or Empty Net:  On top under team name, select “Change” by the goalie

      1. enter the time of the change

      2. touch the new goalie that will be playing.

Video 4 of 4 - After the Game Ends

What to do after the game ends

  1.  When game is over, select “End Game” in the top right corner

  2. Touch “Add Referees” - start typing name and list will populate

    1. If the referee is not in the list, select “Add referee” and then start typing their name. Touch “create a referee”

    2. Enter Name

    3. May add ID or email address.

    4. Then choose position for the referees”  Referee, Linesman, etc.

    5. Touch “sign” by each Referee’s name for them to sign the game sheet on the ipad.

  3. Once the referees have verified the game and added their signatures, Touch “Lock the game”.

  4. Lastly, the game must be uploaded.  

    1. Touch the cloud on the right side of the screen to load the game.  

    2. You must have Wi-Fi to load the game.  

    3. Games must be loaded as soon as possible after the game is completed.  

    4. If there is a major penalty, misconduct penalty, or match penalty the game MUST be uploaded within an hour of the game.