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Dennis Bushy

655 Beech Lane

Moorhead  56560

701 361 7984

District Directors update July 2014

Congratulations to all our teams for the past season and for the teams that advanced to regional and state play.  Also congratulations to the players from our district that advanced to the High Performance level.  We should be very proud of those players.  Great job boys and girls.

Thank you goes out to Andrew Shriver and his coaches for doing the job they did during the off season.  District 15 did very well.

We had our spring meeting in May, with elections and tournament assignments for next season.  That information will be posted on this website very soon.  Congratulations to Carman Johnson of Little Falls for accepting the presidents roll.   I was elected for another 3 year term and will do my best to represent us.  Juanita Staples and Jen Riley were also re-elected.

We had our first hockey committee meeting in May, the committee went through the handbook, made changes and is now finalized and approved.  It too will be posted on the website.  Thank you to all our associations for sending their representative to the meeting.  We had participation from all communities.

I attended the State meetings in June.  The directors will be meeting in August to go over redistricting.  I don't think our district will be effected.

One important item that I pushed for was approved and that was a two hour rest period between games instead of 3.  This gives the northern associations better options for scheduling games.

I will give a full report at the October meeting.

Thats all for now, time to go fishing and enjoy the lake.  Have a great summer.