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Cyndi Young

District 15 Tournament Director (email:

Phone: 218-731-5899

Link to MN Hockey Website for Sanctioned Tournament Application Approval

Click on this link and it will take you to the Minnesota Hockey website to check to see if your tournament has been approved and is sanctioned.

2022-2023 MN Hockey's Sanctioned Tournament Application

Click on this link to apply for Tournament Sanctioning for association tournaments.


2024 MN Hockey Tournament Dates

District 15 Tournaments: February 16-18, 2024

D15 Squirt A, B, and B2 Tournaments- February 2-4, 2024

MN Hockey Regional Tournaments: March 1-3, 2024

MN Hockey State Tournaments: March 15-17, 2024

District 15- 2023 Tournament Host Procedures & Information

February 16-18, 2024

(Squirt A, B, and B2- February 2-4, 2024)

1.     If you are hosting a district or regional tournament please refer to and follow the District Region and State Tournament Rules on the MN Hockey Handbook which can be found online at the Minnesota Hockey website.

2.     All teams must declare at Fall Meeting which teams will be playing in the District 15 Tournament.  Declarations are noted on the Homepage of the District 15 website at  If teams back out of the District 15 Tournament, the association will NOT be refunded their team fees that are paid by Dec. 31st.

3.     ***After declarations, all associations must register the declared teams on the D15 website and pay the team dues $190/ team at registration.

4.      District Hosts keep all gate fees. 2024 Gate fees are $250.00 per team and should be paid by each team to the host association before the start of the tournament.

5.      There is no team entry fee for District Tournaments. The district pays each association a team subsidy to help pay for tournament expenses. District Tournament Hosts are responsible for all tournament expenses including ice time, referees, and EMT's.

6.     District and Regional Tournament Hosts are responsible for scheduling and paying referees and EMT's. Hosts are also responsible to provide and schedule penalty box officials, announcers, timekeepers and scorekeepers for all district tournament games and any other help that may be needed to operate the tournament.

7.  The District does NOT do any tournament apparel.  It was decided this will be left up to the host associations if they would like to sell apparel as a fundraiser for their team or association.  Please check with the host sites regarding apparel for the District tournaments.

8.     District Brackets are not final until after being approved at the Winter District 15 meeting in February 2024. Teams will be seeded into brackets at the February District Meeting or after weekend district games are completed.  



  • SQUIRT tournament pairings will be based on random draw with a 3 game guarantee for both A, B, and B2/C divisions.
  • Winner of district WILL NOT advance beyond district play.  

SQUIRT A: will be hosted by Detroit Lakes (Feb. 2-4, 2024). 

  • Teams include: Alexandria, Brainerd, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Moorhead Blue, Northern Lakes

SQUIRT B:  There will be 2 Squirt B divisions (Feb. 2-4, 2024)

  • North Division:  Hosted by Wadena
    • Teams:  Alexandria Red, Detroit Lakes, Moorhead Orange, Northern Lakes, Park Rapids Black, Prairie Centre White
  • South Division:  Hosted by Morris
    • Teams:  Alexandria Black, Brainerd Blue, Fergus Falls, Little Falls, Moorhead Black, Morris Benson Silver, Prairie Centre Maroon, Wadena

SQUIRT B2/C:  Hosted by Brainerd

  •              Teams include:  Alexandria Grey, Brainerd White, Moorhead (C) White, Morris Benson Blue,  Northern Lakes (C), Park Rapids Orange, Wadena    


10U Girls

  • 10U A:  2 teams declared, No District Tournament
  • 10U B:  Hosted by Moorhead
    • Winner of District Tournament WILL NOT advance beyond district plan.
    • 10U B Pairings will be by Random Draw with a 3 game guarantee.
    • Teams Include:  Alexandria Black, Alexandria Red, Brainerd-Little Falls, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls Maroon, Fergus Falls Gold, Moorhead, Northern Lakes



12 U GIRLS: 

  • 12U A: 
    • 3 Teams will advance to the Regional Tournament seeds determined by regular season points.  No District Tournament.
  • 12U B:  7 teams, Hosted by Northern Lakes, Hallot Arena in Crosby
    • 3 Teams will advance to the Regional Tournament.
    • PLEASE NOTE: The number of teams advancing could change after the MN Hockey Girls meeting in January.  



  • PEEWEE AA:  2 teams advancing to the Regional Tournament.  Please discuss with your Association President or your coach on Play-Off games.  
  • PEEWEE A:   5 teams, Hosted by Little Falls.


  • PEEWEE B1:  8 teams, Hosted by Long Prairie. 
    • Top 8 seeded teams will play in the B1 District Tournament. 
    • Seeds 9-11 will play in the B2 Tournament in Detroit Lakes.


  • PEEWEE B2/C:  Hosted by Benson.  
    • Tournament Brackets for the B2/C Tournament will be by random draw only.  
    • Teams include: Alexandria Grey, Brainerd, Little Falls, Northern Lakes, Park Rapids, Wadena, Seeds 9-11 from PeeWee B standings, Moorhead PWC White, Moorhead PWC Silver.



  • BANTAM AA:  3 teams advance to Regional Tournament.  Seeds decided from Regular season points.  


  • BANTAM A: Hosted by Fergus Falls.  5 teams.


  • BANTAM B1:  Hosted by Sauk Centre. 
    •  8 teams play with 3 teams advancing to Regional Tournament.


  • BANTAM B2:  Hosted by Alexandria.  Teams include:  Alexandria Grey, Brainerd, Fergus Falls, Little Falls



  • 15U A:  2 teams, NO District Tournament.  Both teams advance to Regional Tournament.


  • 15UB:  3 teams advance to the Regional Tournament by their standings in District play.  1st place Seed #1, 2nd place Seed #2, 3rd place Seed #3.

2023 Regional Tournament Advancing

Level # advance Region Regional Host
Bantam AA 3 North East Grand Forks
Bantam A 3 West Moorhead
Bantam B 3 West Moorhead
PeeWee AA 2 North Brainerd
PeeWee A 3 West Anoka
PeeWee B 3 West Benson
15U A Girls 2 Olympic Crookston
15UB Girls 3 Olympic Alexandria
12U A Girls 3 West Anoka
12U B Girls 3 West Blaine (Fogerty)

Click this link to go to the Minnesota Hockey Regional Tournament Information page.

MN Hockey 2023 Regional Tournament Information

Click on this link to go to the MN Hockey website for all the information needed for the Regional Tournaments.