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D15 League Standings

4 Point Games

1.  When entering the 4 Point game into your schedule, add "4 Point Game" in the venue section".  After game is played, enter the score and fair play points for the game.  Then enter another game for same day and enter a score of 1-0 for the winning team.  

2. When teams play single games for 4 points, the outcome of the one game played counts as two wins or two losses, etc.  The winning team earns 4 points (2 points accounted for a win for each game).  Each team can earn 2 Fair Play Points if the points are earned based on the rules for Fair Play Points. 

League Tie-Breaking Rules - District 15 Handbook

Tie breaking procedures for final standings will be the results of the games between the tied teams in the following order:   a.Points acquired in these games,  b.subtracting goals scored against from goals scored in these games (the positions being determined in order of the greatest surplus), c.dividing the goals scored in these games by the goals scored against (the positions being determined in order of the greatest quotient),  If after applying the formulas from above and tie still exists, b. and c. shall be applied using all the league games played by each team.  When tie involves three or more teams, each formula shall be applied in succession until one formula determines the position in the standings for all teams involved.

Fair Play Points Thresholds for 1:30 penalties

When calculating fair play points in district games using 1:30 minor penalties each 1:30 penalty should be counted as 2 minutes when adding and determining fair play thresholds.