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District 15 Officials

Craig Tietz

Director of Officials

Phone: 701-388-6697

Returning level 1&2. October 5th 6:30pm 

Returning level 1& 2 October 12th 6:30pm 

New Level 1 October 17th 9am 

Level 3. October 19th. 6:30pm

Referee Registration

It is time to get registered with USA Hockey as an official. Go to Select "Membership". You will then follow the prompts to complete your registration as an official. After you have registered, you will need to sign up for a seminar. USA Hockey requires that you create a profile in order to do this. The site will walk you through it when you select the "Officials" tab. I have the seminars in District 15 listed below.

New this year, you will be required to register and pay your fees to USA Hockey before you are able to sign up to attend a seminar.

In addition to the required seminar attendance, there is now an "on-line" element to USA Hockey's official training. You will find the "on-line" modules under the Officials dropdown menu. This must be completed in order to receive your crest and card.

There is an "on-line" open book test that must be completed and you will be given a closed book test at your seminar. It is ideal to watch the "on-line" modules before taking your open book test, or attending your seminar.

Safesport training is also required for all officials over the age of 18. 

One other note for Officials. Once you are complete (have done all requirements and received your card and crest), be sure to let your local scheduler know that your are ready to work games. I do not schedule games. If you do not know who schedules games in your area, contact the local association.

Thank you and have a great season.

John Rice



Game Reports/Progressive Suspensions

Game reports will be required for:
All Major penalties
All Match Penalties
All Game Misconducts
All Major penalties are required to be reported even if there is no accompanying misconduct or game misconduct!

These penalties will be reported due to the Progressive Suspensions rule that takes effect this season. 

Rule 411 | Progressive Suspensions

(Note) USA Hockey is committed to providing a safe and fair environment for all participants. While the vast majority of players participate within the rules and respect the game and their opponents, USA Hockey recognizes the need to hold those players and coaches deemed to be repeat offenders accountable for their actions. Beginning with the 2014-15 playing season, the Progressive Suspensions rule will take affect nationally.

(a) Any player who receives their third major penalty during the same season for any combination of aggressive infractions listed below shall receive an additional three-game suspension. For any player who receives their fourth major penalty in this category, the player shall receive an additional five-game suspension. Any player who receives their fifth major penalty in this category during the same season shall be suspended until a hearing is conducted by the proper authorities (USA Hockey Affiliate). These designated game suspensions shall be in addition to any other suspensions imposed through the official playing rules.

Aggressive Infractions

Rule 603 Boarding  
Rule 604 Body Checking (Body Contact categories)
Rule 606 Butt-Ending
Rule 607 Charging
Rule 608 Checking From Behind
Rule 609 Cross-Checking
Rule 611 Elbowing
Rule 619 Head-Butting
Rule 620 Head Contact
Rule 621 High Stick
Rule 627 Kicking
Rule 628 Kneeing
Rule 634 Slashing
Rule 635 Spearing
Rule 639 Tripping/Clipping/Leg Checking
Rule 640 Unnecessary Roughness (Roughing)
(Note) A separate progressive suspension rule for Fighting is covered under Rule 615(f) Fighting.

Zero Tolerance

Minnesota Hockey has adopted a rule that helps support USA Hockey's Zero Tolerance Policy. A spectator who was asked to leave the arena because of inappropriate conduct will also incur a suspension of attending the next three games.

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