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District 15 Winter Meeting- Monday February 8th at 6pm at Maslowski Wellness Center, Wadena





2020 District Tournament Winners!   Congratulations to all the teams!  

District Tournament Information

Click on the link below or click on "Tournaments" 

(Ignore the drop down menu, just click on Tournaments)

Click here to go to the Tournaments page for District 15 Tournament Information

Click on this link to go to the Tournaments Page for all District 15 Tournament Information.

Sanctioned Tournament Applications

Paper applications are officially a thing of the past!

1.    All Sanctioned Tournament applications must be submitted online.  The link is below. 

        Or go to MN Hockey website, then Tourneys, then Sanctioned Tournaments, scroll down to the section, "Hosting Sanctioned Tournaments" and click on 2020-21 Sanctioned Tournament Application.

2.    You must submit your association tournament rules and the tournament brackets just like in previous years.  REMEMBER:  You do not need to have all the teams filled in on the brackets, you can list Team A, Team B or whatever.  We just need to see the bracket format and game times to be sure all game time rules are followed.  

3.  You will have the option to pay the fees for the tournaments online or pay offline.  If you choose to pay offline, the check MUST be postmarked 21 days in advance or it will be considered late and subject to late fees ($200).  The fees are automatically calculated on the registration.  If you choose to pay offline, the address to send it to MN Hockey will be on there.  DO NOT send any payments to me, send them to the address you are given on the registration.  

4.  Applications MUST be submitted 21 days in advance to the start date of your tournament.  NO applications will be accepted after Feb. 1st, 2021

5.  Once you have submitted the Sanctioned Tournament Application Online, I will be able to view the information and approve it at the District level.  Once it is approved from District 15, MN Hockey will review and approve.  When it is approved by District 15, you will receive an email from me starting it is approved.  MN Hockey will have it on their website once they approve it at their level.  

6.  Please remember, this process is also new to me, so I will do my best to keep up with sending emails and checking the MN Hockey website. If you have submitted an application and have not heard from me in 5 days, please kindly send me an email. The MN Hockey website does not notify me of a new application submitted so I have to periodically check it.  So please let me know if you haven't heard so I can check it and then notify MN Hockey of District 15 approval.  Thank you!

7.  At this time, MN Hockey is working on creating a permit to be displayed at your sanctioned tournaments.  This is not completed yet. 

Thank you,

Cyndi Young, District 15 Tournament Director



If you are a TEAM MANAGER, parent coordinator, or coach, please download the file below and follow the instructions.  This file will explain how to create a user name and password on the website, how to manage your team page on this website, and other important information you need to know.  


All team managers (or parent coordinator) for all levels SQ, 10U, PW, 12U, Bantam, 15U must request permission for their District 15 team page and have all the scheduled games entered by Nov. 15th.



1. Your name & position

2. your team and league

3. your personal email and phone number

4. your sportsengine login username that you activated on the District 15 website (Be sure to click on "connect to this site" on top left corner before sending an email!!)

5. The webmaster will then go to the website & grant you editing access to your team pages and the ability to add or edit your game results and other information.  (See District 15 Handbook) 


Motels:  The District does NOT block motel rooms for District Tournaments.  This is up to each team and tournament host site.  



 TEAMS ADVANCING TO REGIONAL TOURNAMENT- Each Regional tournament host is required to book motel room blocks.  Please contact the Host Association for motel information.

2019-1920 District Handbook

The 2019-20 District 15 handbook has been updated and published.

All Members of District 15 including coaches  and team managers should Download this file to be informed with all the information related to the 2019-20 season.    Any files that have been sent out in previous season are now included in the Handbook.



2021 District Tournament Rotation

# Association Tournament Tournament Dates
#1 Morris Bantam B Feb 12-14, 2021
#2 Wadena Squirt B Feb. 5-7, 2021
#3 Park Rapids pass
#4 Fergus Falls Bantam A Feb. 12-14, 2021
#5 Long Prairie pass
#6 Sauk Centre Squirt B Feb. 5-7, 2021
#7 Detroit Lakes PeeWee A Feb. 12-14, 2021
#8 Brainerd 10U B Feb. 12-14, 2021
#9 Northern Lakes 12U B Feb. 12-14, 2021
#10 Benson PeeWee B1 Feb. 12-14, 2021
#11 Little Falls Squirt A Feb. 5-7, 2021
#12 Alexandria Bantam B2 Feb. 12-14, 2021
#13 Moorhead 12U A Feb. 12-14, 2021
Moorhead 15U State Mar. 12-14, 2021

20-21 Team Declarations (NOTE- PWC teams do not participate in District Play for Points)

Alexandria Brainerd Detroit Lakes Fergus Falls Little Falls Moorhead Morris/Benson Northern Lakes Park Rapids Prairie Centre Wadena Total District Tournament Info
Jr. Gold 1 Jr. Gold 1 none
Bantam AA 1 1 Bantam AA 2 none
Bantam A 1 1 1 1 1 1 Bantam A 5 Fergus Falls Feb. 12-14, 2021
Bantam B 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 Bantam B 9 Morris Feb. 12-14, 2021 (seeds 9 will play BB2 tourney)
Bantam B2 1 1 1 1 Bantam B2 Alexandria Feb. 12-14, 2021
PeeWee AA 1 1 PeeWee AA none
PeeWee A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PeeWee A Detroit Lakes Feb. 12-14, 2021
PeeWee B1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 PeeWee B1 Benson Feb. 12-14, 20219th seed play in B2 tourney
PeeWee B2 1 1 1 1 2 PeeWee B2 Feb. 12-14, 2021
PeeWee C 1 PeeWee C
Squirt A 1 1 1 1 no games until after Jan. 1st 1 in District play, 1 NOT in District play 1 Squirt A Little Falls Feb. 5-7, 2021
Squirt B 2 1 1 1 1 no games until after Jan. 1st 2 1 1 1 2 1 Squirt B North-Wadena : South- Sauk Centre Feb. 5-7, 2021
Squirt B2 1 1 1 Squirt B2 3 Not in District Play
Squirt C 1 1 2 Squirt C 4 Not in District Play
Girls 15U A 1 1 15U A No District Tournament
Girls 15U B 1 1 (Co-op LF) 1 15 U B
Girls 12U A 1 1 (Co-op LF) 1 1 12U A
Girls 12U B 1 1 (Co-op LF) 1 1 2 1 1 12U B Northern Lakes Feb. 12-14, 2021
Girls 10U A 1 1 10U A Feb. 12-14, 2021
Girls 10U B 1 1 1 1 1 1 10U B Brainerd Feb. 12-14, 2021

2020-2021 Squirt B Split- North & South

North South


Click on this link to see the information on the Minnesota Hockey Player Awards.

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