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D15 League Standings

4 Point Games

When teams play single games for 4 points the game not played is counted as a win or loss to account for the 2 additional points but there are no fair play points for the second game as it was not actually played. The outcome of the one game played counts as two wins or two losses etc.

League Tie-Breaking Rules - Pg 31 MN Hockey Handbook


5. In the event of a tie between two or more teams in the final league standings, the following process shall be used to determine position in the standings. In the event that the tied teams played an unequalnumber of games, the formula results stated below must be determined by a percentage of available points in the games played. When the tie involves two teams, the tie breaking formulas shall be used in succession until the tie is broken beginning with 5.a. When the tie involves three or more teams, their position in the standings shall be determined by the following tie-breaking process. If one formula establishes a position for one or more teams, each team is placed in the applicable position. Once a team is placed, the remaining tied teams shall start the tie-breaking process again at formula 5.a.

a. Head to head competition among tied teams including Fair Play points.

b. Most wins in league play.

c. Fewest losses in league play

d. Most Fair Play points earned in league play

e. Largest goal differential among tied teams. (six max. per game)

f. Greatest quotient; goals for divided by goals against among tied teams.

g. Largest goal differential for all league play. (six max. per game)

h. Greatest quotient; goals for divided by goals against for all league play.

i. Flip of a coin by a league official in the presence of the District Director.

Fair Play Points Thresholds for 1:30 penalties

When calculating fair play points in district games using 1:30 minor penalties each 1:30 penalty should be counted as 2 minutes when adding and determining fair play thresholds.