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Tier 1 Boys 14 and 15 Fall 2017

Registration is now open for players interested in the Fall Tier 1 league. 

This years players with 2002 birth years will combine with Districts 11, 12, and 16

Players with 2003 and 2004 birthyears from District 15 will combine with District 16 only.

Tryouts will begin the weekend of August 5th for the 2003-04 players.

Tryouts for Tier 1  14's  will be held in  Bemidji   Neilsen-Reese Arena  August 5th  1:00-2:30pm and Sunday August 6th  1:00-2:30pm.

To register go to Minnesota Hockey website.

2017-18 District/Regional Tournaments

Long Prairie    PWB District  Feb. 16-18 2018

Sauk Center   PWB Regional  March 2-4 2018

Detroit Lakes  BA Regional   March 2-4 2018

Little Falls   BA District   Feb 16-18 2018

Northern Lakes   Absent

Benson   BB District   Feb 16-18

Morris   SQB upper     TBD

Wadena    PWA District   Feb 16-18

Park Rapids   Pass

Alexandria    Pass

Walker     Squirt B  lower     TBD

Moorhead     BAA  Regional    March 2-4 2018

Fergus Falls   12UA, 12UB,  10UA    Feb 16-18  2018

Brainerd     SQA    TBD



Tournament rotation for the 2018-19 season



Rotation for 2018-19 tournaments

1.  Little Falls

2.  Northern Lakes

3.  Benson

4.  Morris

5.  Wadena

6.  Park Rapids

7.  Alexandria

8.  Walker

9.  Fergus Falls

10.  Brainerd

11.  Long Prairie

12.  Sauk Centre

13.  Detroit Lakes

14.  Moorhead

2017-18 District Handbook

The 2017-18 District 15 handbook has been updated and published. Please feel free to download it for all the information related to the 2017-18 season.

2017-2018 District 15 Handbook 


If you are a parent coordinator, or coach that does not have access to the system, please create and account or login with your existing account. Then send an email to, with your username, along with the team and division you will be responsible for the upcoming season.